The International Wine Award was first held in 2001. Even at its debut, it registered 2.235 entries from all the major wine-growing regions in the world. And record participation in 2011 shows just how important the competition has meanwhile become in Germany. 6.000 wines were entered.

The target of the competition is to promote quality and the marketing of the wines entered. The awards are intended to offer producers, wine-growers, importers and consumers a forum which, firstly, permits a comparison of wines and offers valuable help with decision-making and orientation when buying wine and, secondly, reaches a wide public. While welcomed by wine customers as a helpful orientation aid, awards provide producers with recognition of their hard work. They can measure their own standard of performance in international competition and the awards they win permit prestigious labelling of the successful products for marketing.



From 2014 inwards, MUNDUS VINI GmbH will be organising two tastings a year in order to do justice to the needs of the international wine market and producers. These will take place in late February, to coincide with ProWein, and in August, with a view to the Christmas trade. As a further innovation, barrel samples will also be accepted from now on. 

See the results of MUNDUS VINI springtime tasting 2014 on